• default_titleBSMI is the best because we ensure and preserve the beauty of your property by utilizing a diligent quality assurance program with the client in mind.
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  • default_titleQuality: Quality in the janitorial business is the result of a continuous improvement. Not just an inspection program, it means supervision and management to communicate a standard of cleanliness that the workers understand and believe in. We use a state of the art application for inspecting the properties we serve using Apple OS devices to ensure quality and expediency.
  • default_titleDesign: Program design means taking the time to analyze the facility, specifications, and customer budget requirements. This will enable us to determine an accurate price, and schedule the actual work, area by area, task by task, cleaner by cleaner.
  • default_titleInspections: Inspect what you expect is the principle that has made our managers successful. Driven by the specifications and modified according to your unique requirements, inspections allow management to keep in touch, and keep employees informed and recognized. We encourage joint inspection with our customers so we can tune into each other’s needs and expectations.
  • default_titlePeriodics: Periodics (high/low dusting etc.) provide the crisp, complete look that is the hallmark of quality control. These are determined from the specifications and the unique requirements of the facility.
  • default_titleCommunication: A Red LogBook will be kept at the facility to maintain daily communication between Building Management and BSMNI supervisory staff.
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