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Our cleaning services have a reputation we truly treasure. Part of upholding that reputation requires us to stay on top of our industry and the newest coming trends. One of the newest and most beneficial trends has been eco-friendly products and green cleaning services. Since 2008, BSMI is a certified Green Cleaning Services Provider. We have embraced the Green Clean Practices Philosophy that is continuing to grow at an exponential rate.

As society works to become greener, BSMI has committed itself to providing all of our clients with safe and environmentally responsible green cleaning services. Our green cleaning services use environmentally friendly products, while working to reduce contaminants that pollute our earth. The BSMI team is trained in green cleaning service best practices and regularly use:
  • default_titleEnvironmentally preferable products
  • default_titleFloor matting
  • default_titleWe focus on high touch-areas to prevent the spread of germs and infection
  • default_titleFlat mop bucket system to prevent cross contamination
  • default_titleMicrofiber cleaning products for floor cleaning, dusting and spot cleaning
  • default_titlePreferred vendors that offer eco-friendly and green cleaning service products
  • default_titleEducation with clients about the importance of green services
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Businesses and employers benefit from going Green through:
  • default_titleLess absenteeism
  • default_titleMore productive workers
  • default_titleFewer Health Claims
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The public relations of being a Green company helps the organization's image within the community and city leaders actively encourage businesses to Go Green. Thus your organization is seen as a Green citizen in you city and community. BSMI meets all the environmental and performance requirements of the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services, and it can help your business reap numerous benefits, such as:
  • default_titleImproved indoor air quality
  • default_titleExtended building life
  • default_titleReduced liability exposure to indoor air quality complaints
  • default_titleThe impact of cleaning services on the people working or visiting your facility
  • default_titleMinimizing risk from exposure to residual cleaning chemicals
  • default_titleMinimizing cross contamination
  • default_titleMarketability of the building and rental space
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